I am a PhD student at the Language Technologies Institute at CMU interested in socially intelligent human language technology. I am currently working with Maarten Sap.

Previously, I interned at Apple Machine Intelligence. Before that, I was a CLMS student at the University of Washington (UW) advised by Noah Smith. At Noah’s ARK, I worked with Maarten Sap and Swabha Swayamdipta on social NLP problems; Nikolaos Pappas on document-level language understanding. Besides, I also worked with Shane Steinert-Threlkeld on the interpretability of NLP models and emergent communication.


A mutual learning process 🙌 💡 📢
Student When Now
Leo Zeyu Liu 2020 Fall - 2022 Fall UW
Zhilin Wang 2021 Spring - 2021 Fall Amazon
Athiya Deviyani 2022 Fall - 2023 Spring CMU LTI (PhD)
Anubha Kabra 2023 Fall - now CMU LTI (MIIS)
Sanketh Rangreji 2023 Fall - now CMU LTI (MIIS)
Devansh Jain 2023 Fall - now CMU LTI (MIIS)
Priyanshu Kumar 2023 Fall - now CMU LTI (MIIS)
Zhe Su 2023 Fall - now CMU MLD (MSML)


I see service as a chance to connect people and being engaged in the academic and university-wide communities is my priority.


Theory-of-Mind Workshop at ICML 2023 LTI Student Research Symposium 2023


I review for journals, conferences and workshops:

TLMR 2023

ACL ARR 2021-2023

NeurIPS 2023

ACL 2021, 2023

Workshop on Multimodal Content Moderation (MMCM) at CVPR 2023

NLP4PI at ACL 2021

Red teaming 🚩️

GPT-4 red teaming for OpenAI 2022


LTI Student Mentoring Program, 2023